Water, air and fluids filtering solutions: pleated filter cartridges and wound cartridges.

MICROSTAR - Filtri a cartuccia a filo avvolto

Microstar is the company leader for the production af wirewound filter elements made of different materials (polypropylene, polypropylene additive, cotton, nylon, ryon) micro rating from 1 to 150 nominal micron and pleated membranes, also these made of different materials (polypropylene, polypropylene additive, fiberglass, poliesteresulfone and mixed materials). Filtration degree ration from 0,5 to 150 nominal, intermediate or absolute micron.

azienda filtri industriali

Filtration systems wirewound or pleated non woven can be realized in various dimensions. For what regards wirewound, the most used measures are those which have the outer diameter from 2" and 2,5", and lengths from 4" and 80".

For the pleated filter elements, these are supplied in diameters from 2,5" and changeable lenghts from 10" to 80". The supports and the details for assembly can be made of plastic material or of satinless steel. We are able to supply quick coupling systems, developed from us. Company directly related to us can, upon request, provide metal containers or entire process installation.