Water, air and fluids filtering solutions: pleated filter cartridges and wound cartridges

MICROSTAR - Filtrazioni

Micro Star is a new italian reality operating in the industrial filtration field of water, air and industrial fluids, using filtering elements of different typologies and materials.

Even if this is a newly estabilished enterprise, it actually relies on a fifty-year know-how in the specific sector of industrial filtering field, counting among its managers very experienced ones, who have based their main activity on living in contact with the problems and the industrial demand.
Pleated filter cartridges
SPL cartridges include pleated filter cartridges, manufactured in different filter media, such as polypropylene, glassfiber, polyester, polypropylene or stainless steel inner core and polypropylene external cage.
Wound cartridges
SFA include wound cartridges manufactured in different yarns, such as polypropylene, cotton, rayon, polyester and polypropylene or stainless steel inner core, dimensions 4" to 80" and 1 to 150 micron rating.
Condensated Filtration
This new series of filter elements represents the technological synthesis of thirty years' constant research on our part into every aspect of condensate filtration.